The Orca vs the rest

What is The Orca?

The Orca is a specialty designed and engineered water filled boxing bag. The Orca is made from heavy-duty rubber vinyl and comes empty weighing 3.5 kgs. Once filled with water via a watertight plug the bag will only weigh 35kgs. 

Rest assured 35kgs is all you need as the results outweigh a traditional bag twice its size! 


Wait, but how?

The Orca handles shock very differently to a traditional bag. Shock energy from the punches is absorbed by the water, plus the added benefit of hitting the rubber outer surfaces reduces the impact on your hands, muscles and bones.

Rest assured this doesn't make The Orca feel 'soft' or weak. The Orca is very similar to hitting a 70-80kg bag. Rather than all of the power going back through your body causing fatigue and pain, you can increase your stamina and strength as you can stay active for longer, throwing more combinations, and smarter technical rounds. 

At it's best, the Orca mimics boxing with the real deal (a human). You have to try it to believe it! The sound is phenomenal too! 

Summary of Benefits:

✅ Easy to transport/pack-down and move anywhere
✅ Hang almost anywhere as the filled weight is only 35kgs 
✅ A near-life boxing feeling experience 
✅ Avoid bacteria and bad smells 
✅ Look after your body so you can train smarter for longer
✅ Teardrop design perfect for combinations, body shots, slips and weaving 




    Boxing Bags History:


    The most common material punching bags are made from is leather or PU (artificial) leather. Recently, canvas (heavy cotton) is also increasing in popularity. These traditional bags are usually filled with shredded textile material like old clothing. If you've ever trained in Thailand, they fill theirs bags with sand. You would usually buy the bag cover separately to the filling as depending on how heavy the bag is it can be 60-100kgs. The shape is usually cylindrical useful for throwing straight punches, hooks and body shots.

    Traditional bags are great for heavy/power boxing drills hence why having a dense composition inside is beneficial so that you can hit the bag with force and it won't move around too much. 

    Some of the challenges surrounding traditional bags is you need structures or stands strong enough to withstand 100kgs+. This makes them hard to set up in domestic environments e.g. a carport or home gym.  

    They are also difficult to move around due to their size and weight, and over a long period of time the bag can start to develop bacteria and bad odour on the inside. 

    From a boxer's point of view, especially novice, the density of a traditional bag and its shock factor can be quite hard on your knuckles, wrist and bones as they do not absorb much of the energy from the punches causing an instant reflection back on your body. 

    The Orca vs the rest