The Body Bag

Elevate your boxing training with The Body Bag, meticulously designed to replicate the form and feel of a real opponent. Crafted in Auckland, New Zealand, The Body Bag offers an exceptional training experience that absorbs impact, minimises injury, and enhances precision in your punches and combinations.

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Color: Black

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Releasing 20 July 2024. The Body Bag is shaped to provide a lifelike representation of an opponent, offering more coverage to practise accuracy and combinations. Whether you're an experienced boxer or a beginner, this innovative training tool allows you to hone your skills and improve your technique with a realistic target.

Constructed with reinforced PVC, The Body Bag is built to withstand the rigours of the toughest training regimens. This durable construction ensures that your Body Bag remains in top condition, session after session, providing consistent performance and reliability.

  • Ready-to-hang out of box
  • Industrial grade chain connector
  • Reinforced PVC prevents tear & leakage
  • Pair with the Tripod Stand (save 30%) or Wall Mount and set up in any gym, garage or home
  • Dry weight: 7.5KGs
  • Wet weight: 80KGs
  • Hose included
The Body Bag (Black)

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